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You can submit your written feedback or upload your video testimonials about your treatment experience

Help us spread the word about AtlasPROfilax® by providing your written experience before and after the treatment or by uploading a video with your feedback! – Just use the following form.

Some hints for getting best results with video coverage and on using the online form:

Shooting a video

  • A smartphone is completely sufficient for making a video testimonial.
  • Provide a quiet and relaxed setting and avoid background noise.
  • Make sure that the person in the video is presented in sufficient light.
  • Ideally, the video should be only one minute, but surely not longer than three minutes.
  • Focus on referring to the following questions:
    • How did I feel before the treatment?
    • What is my experience so far after the treatment?
    • Additional remarks or something to emphasize?

Using the form below

  • Make sure to fill in all boxes and fields marked with a * (mandatory fields).
  • Provide your full name to us and indicate if your name should be mentioned in the basic information about the video.
  • If you submit a written testimonial, please type the text in an external text editor before you copy it into the text field in the form in order to prevent data loss.
  • By submitting text, images or videos as well as your personal data within the explanations here and in the form, you agree to the publishing of the footage within our Data Privacy settings resp. our Data Protection Declaration. By sending the according data, you explicitly agree to its public use, unless you stated otherwise by choosing according and available options in the form.
  • Thank you for your support!

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