Experience and Feedback

Feedback from clients and experts after their AtlasPROfilax® treatment

The feedback of our clients based on their experience with the AtlasPROfilax® method is very important and helpful. It shows the manifold subjects, symptoms and ailments that can be addressed by our sustainable atlas realignment technique. These testimonials also describe and document immediate, mid-term as well as long-term effects in an authentic way.

Fortunately, we also get numerous reactions from health experts around the globe. These interactions sometimes lead to joint projects or even studies. However, we are interested to make interdisciplinary connections for both better understanding of interdependencies and allowing research as well as findings. 

It often happens that testimonials by medical doctors or other health experts are the most surprising ones. Of course, they have also two different view points on their experience - one as normal client and the other one on the basis of their medical knowledge. If these perceptions intersect, the conclusions are especially valuable.

A happy client makes a happy practitioner

We highly value all kinds of feedback and testimonals, no matter if they are written, taped on video or captured in photos. Our clients are at the heart of our activities and their satisfaction matters most to us.

In this section, you an find all kinds of testimonials, but mostly videos. Feel free to drop us a line or hand in resp. upload your captured experience with AtlasPROfilax®! We designed our so-called Testimonial Box to share your footage and experiences with us. 

Thanks for your trust and support!

"I'm pretty impressed of this technique!"

Client Feedback

Sandro Rey shares his experience (Spanish speach)

Sandro Rey shares his experience after AtlasPROfilax®

Fibromyalgia pain reduced - better breathing

"it's been really really amazing to be able to come and have this treatment and I'm looking forward to feel a lot better".

10 years of fibromyalgia - pain in upper back, shoulders, upper arms and hands

This patient, who is an artist, says it has been pretty amazing not to have sore hands after doing some work.


Expert Feedback

Quote from Andre Hedger

Dr Andre Hedger, Dentists view on AtlasPROfilax®

AtlasPROfilax® Testimonial by Dr Robert Schleip

Fascia expert Dr Robert Schleip (University Ulm / Fascia Research Group) about his own experience with the AtlasPROfilax® treatment and the applying…

A surgeon's thoughts after his own treatment - IAQA edition

A surgeon from Orange County (USA) shares and shows his findings after the AtlasPROfilax® treatment. "I'm pretty impressed of this technique!"


More Feedback


Interesting Blog post about the experience of the author with the AtlasPROfilax treatment.