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The importance of the cervical spine is well known for acting as junction between head and torso. The atlas, the first cervical vertebra, is involved in more than 50% of the rotation of the cervical spine. Being small in size, at the same time, it has 12 muscles attached with numerous nerves involved. Research and clinical cases of modern medicine indicated that physiological conditions of the atlas may induce cervical discomfort, limb pain, problematic spinal nerves to brain signal transduction, disrupted blood to head supply and so on.

AtlasPROfilax®, a modern neuromuscular massage technique, applies vibro pressure and massages the short neck muscles, with significant and sustainable effect on the first cervical vertebra (atlas). It releases a pressure on the pyramidal tracts, relieves muscle tension and nerve compression and facilitates self-recovery of the spine system. By treatment with AtlasPROfilax, the body's homostasis will be established and patients can easily control their body through limbs' rapid and flexible action in concert with brain function.

And the most revolutionary about this technique: it’s a safe, instantly effective and is usually a one-time application!

Quality of the application

The Atlasprofilax® method can and must only be practiced precisely and safely by an atlas specialist – called Atlasprof® – educated at the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland®, AtlasPROfilax Academy Latin America®, Atlas Fascial Release UG® or other authorized training providers. Only those Atlasprof®s who are listed in the official directory on this website are authorized to do so and meet the quality standards of both the International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs (IAQA) and the authorized training providers.

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