Liste des études réalisées sur AtlasPROfilax®.

Le traitement [email protected] et les études réalisées à ce sujet.

Atlas est plus qu'un os. Voici une liste croissante d'études réalisées sur [email protected] et son efficacité.

La zone des articulations cervicales (articulation atlantooccipitale et articulation atlantoaxiale) est constituée d'os tels que l'os occipital, l'atlas et l'axe des vertèbres (1ère et 2ème vertèbres cervicales), mais aussi de tissus mous tels que le fascia profond, les muscles suboccipitaux, divers ligaments et membranes, de nombreux nerfs importants, le tronc cérébral élargi, les carotides et les artères vertébrales. C'est une zone peu étudiée par rapport aux autres parties du corps humain. Dans cette section, vous trouverez des études, des statistiques et des informations sur la physiologie, l'anatomie, la radiologie et les résultats cliniques obtenus avec la méthode AtlasPROfilax®.

Études scientifiques AtlasPROfilax® publiées

Total Resorption of a Chronic L4-L5 Disc Extrusion After Application of the Atlasprofilax Method: A Case Report

José G. León, Lluís Manent, Kathleen Lewis, Orlando Angulo
Continuing Medical Education, Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud (FUCS), Bogotá, Colombia

Patient: Male, 42-year-old
Final Diagnosis: The disc extrusion at L4-L5 was totally resorbed and improvement in the L3-L4 and L4-L5 disc bulges
Symptoms: Bilateral trapezius pain • right brachialgia • constant chronic lumbalgia • right sciatica • gait claudication • paresthesia and dysesthesias in the lower limbs with associated pain and numbness in the calves

Total Resorption of a Chronic L4-L5 Disc Extrusion After Application of the Atlasprofilax Method: A Case Report (pdf, 1 Mo)

Case Report: Clinical and Imaging Improvement After the Atlasprofilax Method in a Patient with Cervicobrachial Syndrome and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.

José G. León: Conceptualization, Supervision, Orlando Angulo: reviewing, editing, supervision, Lluís Manent: Writing - original draft, review and editing, supervision, Kathleen Lewis: editing, supervision & review.
Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

A 30-year-old woman with chronic shoulder pain, cervicobrachial syndrome with functional motor loss and paresthesia, car-pal tunnel syndrome, tension-type headache, and temporomandibular disorders was referred for a computed tomography scan to evaluate a possible atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation and asymmetry of the lateral atlantodental interval prior to the application of the Atlasprofilax…

Case Report: Clinical and Imaging Improvement After the Atlasprofilax Method in a Patient with Cervicobrachial Syndrome and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. (pdf, 4 Mo)

Effects of the Atlasprofilax Method on fibromyalgia patients according the standards developed by the Medical American Reumatology Association

Malagón J1, Villaveces M2, Manent LL3.
Fundación Universitaria Juan N Corpas
English, Spanish

The study uses the criteria stated world wide accepted settled by the American College of Reumatology  in determining the FM scores and index (pain, fatigue, etc.) to see if Atlasprofilax is impacting the quality of life for this group of patients. 

Atlasprofilax y Fibromialgia estudio publicado (Traducción Español) (pdf, 510 Ko)
Atlasprofilax and Fibromyalgia (original English) (pdf, 640 Ko)

Functional changes before and after the Atlasprofilax Method based on an intersticial scanner analysis

Dr. Álvaro Augusto Ariza Vivero, MD

Intersticial scanner is a biomedical device based on oximetry and bio impedance (skin galvanic biofeedback). The objective was to evaluate the changes in the physiological scores before and after the AP-Method. The study was performed on 30 patients. 3An increasing of 3,13 and 2,55 unities (muSi) in the SDC+ and SDC- (p=0,21 y 0,15) paramethers was observed. According to the results,…

Estudio Bioimpedancia Dr Ariza (pdf, 1 Mo)

The effects of Atlasprofilax on sleep disorders

Ramiro Arce, Physiotherapist

Based on a previous and post questionnaire around the Atlasprofilax Method, 136  patients were inquired on their sleep disorders, prior traumas and accidents, medication to treat sleep disorders. The statistics showed that aroun 80 up to 89% of the patients stated to have a better sleep after the Atlasprofilax Method.

Treatment of cervicobrachialgia through the atlasprofilax® method: results in 162 patients

Fernandes, Ricardo Rezende, Medical Doctor. Orthopedist and Traumatologist - Atlasprof, COE Governador Valadares. Minas Gerais. Brazil
University of Minas Gerais
English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese


Objective: To evaluate the results with the treatment of cervicobrachialgia by the AtlasPROfilax® method.

Introduction: The most common symptoms caused by cervicobrachialgia are pain and sometimes movement restrictions in the cervical region, along the shoulders and upper limbs, and may cause paraesthesia and…

Summary of Cervicobrachialgia study and Atlasprofilax Dr Rezende MD (pdf, 316 Ko)
Resumo Trabalho Cervicobraquialgia AtlasPROfilax (pdf, 457 Ko)

Efecto de la terapia Atlasprofilax® sobre los síntomas relacionados con disfunción temporomandibular, bruxismo y la relación de las líneas medias dentales

Gutiérrez Navas, Victoria Eugenia. Ph.D Dentist, Dentist. Specialist in TMJ Dysfunctions. Prof. at St. Tomas de Aquino University
Santo Tomás de Aquino, University / Review: USTASALUD. Publindex. C Category. ISSN 1692-5106

Objective: to describe the effect of the AtlasPROfilax® therapy over Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TJD) symptoms, bruxism and mandibular deviations.Methods: an observational longitudinal study over a cohort of 151 people was carried out. A subsample of 71 patients was selected and photography evaluations were done with them. The social, demographic, clinical (pain, click, jaw locking,…

USTASALUD Efecto atlasprofilax en odontologia 01 (pdf, 178 Ko)

The Atlasprofilax method: giving back to the atlas its natural place

Evelyne Uldry