Open invitation to the 1st IAQA Online Seminar

The International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs® is proud to invite health professionals to an Online Seminar on Zoom on October 3rd, 2020 17:00 CEST.

1st International IAQA-Online-Congress

Our 1st International IAQA-Online-Congress will be held in English on October 3, 2020 at 17-21 p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time). Our goal with this is to be able to exchange information online and expand our expertise despite the fact that the next Annual General Meeting will not be until 2021 and now despite Corona. Fortunately, the Internet offers an optimal solution for this, so that we can experience exciting new content. Here you can find the program:

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15 min


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Vladimir Tomljenovic

10 min


Reflective effects of Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis of the jaw on the upper cervical spine

Dr. Dr. Johann Lechner

45 min + 15 min questions


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Vladimir Tomljenovic

5 min


Testing the Stability of the upper cervical spine and contraindications for Atlasprofilax

Mirjam Ann Aichholz-Kuntz

45 min + 15 min questions


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Vladimir Tomljenovic

20 min


The role of LPCGF - Liquid Phase Concentrated Growth Factors

(the ‘‘second-generation of platelet concentrates’’) PRP Platelet Rich Plasma as complementary therapy in craniomandibular and atlas/axis disorders

Prof. Dr. Ottaviano Tapparo

60 min + 15 min questions


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Vladimir Tomljenovic

10 min







Dr. Dr. PhD-UCN Johann Lechner

Dr. Lechner is a holistic dentist and alternative practitioner and has been running his practice clinic in Munich since 1980. He is responsible for the dental part of the holistic diagnosis and therapy. This includes dental interference field diagnostics and restoration, metal-free all-ceramic restorations and ceramic implants as well as amalgam restoration.

He has been a board member of the DAH (German Working Group for Herd and Regulation Research) and the GZM (International Society for Holistic Dentistry) for several years and gives multilingual lectures and seminars in Europe and overseas on holistic dentistry.

He has been awarded the Austrian Medical Diploma for Holistic Dentistry and is a guest lecturer at the Capital University of Washington DC in 2002. In 2002 he received a research award from the GZM and since 2003 he has been appointed to teach at the Danube University Krems. So far, 10 books and numerous professional articles by Dr. J. Lechner have been published.

As an alternative practitioner, Dr. J. Lechner has also been responsible for the organic, psychological and systemic aspects of medical holistic diagnosis and therapy under FocoDENT ( since 2005. Here he applies the systemic disturbance field diagnosis as well as drainage therapy and infusions/deox infusions, antibiotic-free immune modulation with ozone therapy, anti-aging infusion therapy and psycho-emotional coaching.

In 2008 he was granted a patent for the non-contact information transfer, which is the basis of the MindLINK TEST® and PrevenTEST® test systems (

He will inform us about the connections of Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis (NICO) in the jawbone and their connections with the upper cervical spine. He has been one of the leading experts in this field for many years and has written several studies and publications on this topic.

Mirjam Ann Aichholz-Kuntz

Our Atlasprofilax colleague Mirjam has been a physiotherapist (Bac NL) since 2005 and has already dedicated her bachelor thesis to the topic of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of various cervical spine therapies. After working as a physiotherapist in various practices, she has also been using AtlasPROfilax since 2011.  Since 2011 she has been working in her practice and applies physiotherapy, AtlasPROfilax and Prototherapy for the systemic analysis of the causal structures in the system and their treatment with a focus on cervical, temporomandibular joint, whole body and scar therapy. She has already treated professional tennis players and the U18 freestyle wrestling national team.

Since 2010 she has been a lecturer at the dental training center FAZH Frankfurt and since 2013 also at the ZFZ Stuttgart within the curriculum of restorative dental diagnostics and therapy. Since 2014-2019 she was deputy chairperson of the AtlasPROfilax® Section in Germany and is on the advisory board since 2019. From 2014-2015 and since 2019 she is active as an advisor in the IVDA and since 2017 she is also an instructor of the AtlasPROfilax® method.

Since 2007, she has been working closely with the Carolinum Dental University Institute gGmbH Frankfurt within the framework of an interdisciplinary mandibular joint consultation. Cooperation with various dentists and orthodontists in private practice in Germany as well as the collaboration with the Endokrinologikum Frankfurt, Department of Rheumatology and since 2017 also with the University Hospital Friedrichsheim, Department of Rheumatology and their immunodeficiency consultation are part of the optimal care of their patients.

Mirjam will show us the symptoms of instability of the ligaments in the upper cervical spine as well as the corresponding stability tests and will discuss contraindications for Atlasprofilax so that we can initiate further differential diagnosis and therapy, such as those offered by Dr. Tapparo or Dr. Lechner. 

Prof. Dr. Ottaviano Tapparo

Prof. Dr. Tapparo is a naturopathic dentist and several times associate professor for implantology at various universities. Prof. Dr. Tapparo and his team try to bring together the health-related fields of dentistry and medicine in order to enable a truly holistic approach to the patient. Within the framework of diagnostics, prevention and therapy, he therefore focuses on early detection of the focus of the disease and uses his available knowledge to treat the patient individually, biologically, tolerably and sustainably. For this reason, he focuses on endogenous growth factors and stem cells, metal-free implants and dental prostheses in all areas.

Furthermore, he has an extensive international network of research institutions and partners in regenerative therapy, care and methodology. Thus, he uses the latest scientific findings from the various fields of human medicine and innovative research. Prof. Dr. Tapparo and his team provide patients from all over the world with this regenerative, gentle and minimally invasive form of therapy.

Prof. Dr. Tapparo will inform us about the role of CGF - Concentrated Growth Factors as a complementary therapy for atlas/axis diseases such as instability of the Lig. Alare or Lig. transversum.

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