AtlasPROfilax® on TV in Germany

German MD, orthopedist and Atlasprof® Dr. Arno Morgenstern was featuring in a TV report which was broadcasted several times in September on the TV channel RTL in Germany. The report was about a woman from Serbia who suffers from 'Spatial Orientation Phenomenon' and therefore sees everything upside down.

Bojana Danilovic from Serbia is the only known patient worldwide suffering from 'Spatial Orientation Phenomenon'. Since birth, she's not able to see and orientate herself properly, since she sees everything upside down due to a malfunction in her brain. 

The German and MD, orthopedist and Atlasprof® Dr. Arno Morgenstern offered her support in August by applying the AtlasPROfilax® method on her. She flew to Germany for this purpose and was accompanied by a team from the German TV channel RTL. After the treatment with the AtlasPROfilax® treatment, she is doing a daily video diary to document her condition and progress after the realignment of her first cervical vertebra (atlas).

Dr. Morgenstern states in the TV report: "What we do for Bojana is completely safe and we already and especially have had a lot of good results with our atlas treatment for clients who suffer from visual restrictions. There is a chance that one day Bojana will be able to see properly. If it happens at all, it will surely take some time."

After her return to Serbia Bojana still sees upside down, but she feels better in two major regards. "I'm more relaxed now and I don't lose orientation anymore. The treatment was good for me and I want to say thank you to the doctor who has helped me."

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After the application of the AtlasPROfilax® treatment, Dr. Morgenstern talked to us about his expectations in this case and why Bojana has to be patient over the next weeks and months:

"I'm still very curious to see how Bojana will feel during the next weeks and months and I'm grateful for the experience of being asked to treat her. 

Her statement that she's generally more relaxed now after the application of the AtlasPROfilax® method and also has less or even no more orientation problems makes me very optimistic for her future and her well-being. 

Whether the faulty circuit in her brain which causes her perception disorder might be resolved or not is merely a question of time. The faulty programming of her brain was persistent for so many years now that her body and her perception will have to get used to the new alignment of her first cervical vertebra (atlas) at all.

The positive effects that my colleagues and me have had over the past 11 years in the whole world with the application of the AtlasPROfilax® method do make me very confident. A significant improvement of quality of life in this special case just as in thousands if not even millions of other cases is really a blessing for people concerned by health problems."


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