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Dear Atlasprof,

Please understand that your association also has bills to pay in order to keep the website and directory running for when the crisis is over. We are dependent on all members contributing their dues in order for the IAQA to continue for the benefit of its members. Therefore, we can offer you payment options, but not complete elimination of dues.

In our last newsletter, you can read that we are offering installment plans for our members who have not yet paid their dues and are unable to work due to governmental restrictions. If you truly are unable to begin paying €100 per month, then please fill out the form below and let us know on what date this year you can begin monthly payments or pay your dues in full. Please remember to pay any bank fees associated with paying each installment.

Your board is continuing to meet and work on your behalf during this difficult time.

Many thanks in advance!

Please take care and stay safe! 


Exception request form 2021

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