New search option within our Atlasprof® directory

Finding an Atlasprof® in your area is as simple now as never before. As of now, all AtlasPROfilax® websites offer a new search option within the Atlasprof® directory. 

The so-called geocode search allows you to just enter your ZIP, street name or city in order to get the closest Atlasprof®s to you. The new search option is based on Google maps. You can also still search for all Atlasprof®s in one country and also search by keyword.

Together with the option "Get directions" and "Make an Appointment", our Atlasprof® Web Directory offers you now complete service from finding the Atlasprof® of your choice up to sending an appointment request directly from the according Atlasprof® directory entry. 

Please remember: 

Only AtlasPROfilax® practitioners who are listed in the Official Atlasprof® Web Directory are certified Atlasprof®s and are acting according to the rules and standards of both International Association of Qualified Atlasprof®s (IAQA) and AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® AG resp. AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland Latin America SAS®.